I love shiatsu. I love the positive impact, kind, appropriate touch has, on people’s lives. I love how it brings me into contact with people in a direct, physical way. I love the new hope of feeling better. Something that was restricted is freed. Improbable movements become possible. New ways of living open up.Shuddhaba

In 2010 I was on a road trip from Montana to Utah. I was expecting to have a holiday and possibly an adventure, but instead I fell in love. I fell in love with the clear huge lakes, the wild mountain places and my future husband. And so I decided to stay.

I left a business I set up with my friends 16 years earlier, and had worked successfully there as a shiatsu practitioner and shiatsu teacher. I first came across shiatsu living in Spain in my 20’s. After an intensive course of treatment I realized that I wanted my work to be shiatsu. The process of becoming a shiatsu practitioner has been a constant current of change and flow in my life.

I treat men women and children, with a whole range of ailments. In my experience most painful conditions can be improved with appropriate touch. I spend a lot of time seeing clients with back pain, related to posture, injuries and long term chronic conditions. 

I also specialize in women’s health. I treat women throughout pregnancy, and have been fortunate enough to work as a birth partner. I have always been drawn to the process of change we experience in our bodies as women, and the potential there for growth. I also love helping babies have as calm and beautiful entry as possible, into this world.