Birth Stories

Sarah and Alex

Sarah’s Birth Story

I first discovered shiatsu at the beginning of my third pregnancy. In my previous 2 pregnancies I had a bad experience with a pelvic disorder which wasn’t dealt with very well. From the first time I saw Shuddhabha I felt much more positive about my pregnancy. I felt like instead of battling with the pelvic problem and fighting my body’s ailments, we would be working with my body. I continued to see Shuddhabha throughout my pregnancy and through working with my changing body; I was able to have a pregnancy without any of the previous problems I had experienced.

I was privileged to have Shuddhabha present to support the birth of my baby at home. Her strong and compassionate present allowed me to relax and birth my baby with ease in the knowledge that she was holding the space so that I could get on with it.

When my baby was a week old I visited Shuddhabha in a tired and overwhelmed state. Using shiatsu, Shuddhabha was able to make me feel myself again. It felt as if she was doing very little physically, but the impact was immense. I left the room feeling refreshed and confident and like I had reclaimed my own body, mind and emotions.

Receiving shiatsu from Shuddhabha has been a life changing experience for me. She taught me that I can keep myself well by working with my body rather than fighting it. By working with my ailments rather than trying to go into battle with them, receiving shiatsu allows me to heal myself.


Lisa’s Experience

I started having shiatsu with Shuddhabha when I was pregnant. I loved my pregnancy shiatsu sessions, they were time for me to really relax and get in touch with my body and my baby. It was also a time for Shuddhabha and I to get to know each other and build trust.

So before the birth Frank and I had a really fun and informative session with Shuddhabha on how to use shiatsu pressure points to bring on or slow down contractions and how Frank could best support me in labour.

I have been extremely fortunate to have had Shuddhabha present at both my births. My daughter Ruari’s birth was an epic event, I think it was nearly two days in labour at home. Shuddhabha supported by giving shiatsu to help speed up contractions, and also dealt with the visiting midwives.

Between Frank and Shuddhabha and myself we were a great team I remember there was much (exhausted) laughter in between the contractions and Ruari was eventually born at home.

My second birth with Otto my son was entirely different. The speed of my contractions caught me by surprise but Shuddhabha was always there right with me and knew exactly what would help in the moment.Because I felt in safe hands and I was able to really let go and surrender to the process and trust my body and my baby. I had a water birth at home, amazing that Frank managed to pump up and fill the pool in time.

I would highly recommend shiatsu during pregnancy as a way to deeply relax and connect with the changes going on with your body and your baby. A session with your partner and Shuddhabha, talking through the birth, and being taught some simple shiatsu techniques you can both do during labour is so empowering and really effective.

Shuddhabha helped me stay focused and calm during both my births and reminded me to trust in myself and my body and surrender.


Zoe Just before Melody was born

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I first met Shuddhabha when i was trying to conceive. My step Father had been a shiatsu practitioner and i had had treatment in the past, so I knew how beneficial it could be.

What i most wanted from Shiatsu was a place to relax deeply. I had experienced several miscarriages and had a busy job in television. After I became pregnant again, I really needed a space in which I could connect deeply with my body as it changed; a place i could prepare for birth and motherhood.

Well, as everyone can tell you, nothing can quite prepare you for motherhood, but Shuddhabha has great kindness and deep knowledge of the body and the subtle energy it houses. Her specialist knowledge of women, her wonderful sense of humour and her ability to just be made me really comfortable. It allowed for a very profound and supportive experience.

I had an amazingly healthy pregnancy in which Shuddhabha was an important factor. I am now the mother of a brilliant son. Manchester’s loss is most certainly Montana’s gain.