Client Stories


Laura’s experience

I originally heard about Shuddhabha and the work she does from a friend who highly recommended her. Originally, I asked her to work on my sore shoulder. After just two visits, I had great relief and was very impressed with how intuitive she is. She could feel that my back was tight and worked to get it loose and aligned. Although she works on my whole body,she  also spends time finding out which areas  need attention and is able to focus her work on my specific needs.

In addition to pain relief and feeling much better, I love that Shuddhabha teaches me how to keep my body aligned to prevent future problems. I highly recommend Shuddhabha and shiatsu for relief from body aches and pain.


Mark’s Story

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I had been suffering from years of chronic back pain, joint pain, insomnia and any number of health problems before I started to receive regular shiatsu treatments from Shuddhabha. The most pressing matter for the first session was that I was unable to walk. I had a ‘mystery’ problem with my left foot that made walking without a cast or crutch unbearably painful, and my foot was inflamed and discolored.

I had seen a general practitioner, a rheumatologist, and a podiatrist to seek help. They just ordered very expensive scans that gave no indication as to the nature of the problem, and all three doctors eventually threw their hands up in the air. I was told that as a  last resort, a surgeon could operate on my foot and try and figure out what was wrong.

Luckily before I agreed to this I had Shuddhabha take a look, and within one or two treatments she realized the problem was a dislocated toe. After she gently coaxed it back into place, I was able to walk with just a little residual pain, which eventually faded away. I then spent the next week hiking around  canyon country in Utah!

This anecdote nicely sums up my experience of working with Shuddhabha on my various health problems. I can’t count the number of doctors and specialists I have asked for help, but who were unable to do much except offer me painkilling drugs. Through shiatsu all of my health problems have improved dramatically or faded away altogether. I consider her my own patron saint of lost causes.

Her deep experience and sensitivity to how our human body works, is truely remarkable. Shuddhabha has a natural and intuitive talent for healing which she has developed and refined over many years. My quality of life has improved so much that I am now doing physically demanding activities in my 40’s that I would not have done in my 30’s, due to the amount of pain and discomfort it would have caused me.

I’ts a cliche to say that I have a new lese of life, but through shiatsu with Shuddhahha that is what has actually happened to me.


I had been experiencing several weeks of back pain, stomach aches and extreme low energy.  I had tried several different things to improve my health, and finally decided to give shiatsu a try.

I was quite surprised by the immediate shift in my energy, and i have not experienced fatigue since the treatment, a couple of weeks ago. .The pain in my back was relieved and my stomach has gradually improved.

Shuddhabha did recognize some possible signs of a more serious condition and advised me to get medical advice as well as offering some natural ways to improve this health condition ,while waiting to get in to see the doctor.  I appreciate her open minded approach and her encouragement to pursue various options.

The thing I like most about shiatsu is the way it works with your body to facilitate healing. I often feel a little wobbly after shiatsu and if I let myself go home and rest or take a hot bath, it seems to support the treatment.  I always sleep very well the night after and wake up feeling great.

Shuddhabha is a very gentle and kind practitioner and really knows what she is doing.