Shiatsu is holistic bodywork. It supports and encourages our natural healing response, through touch.

It is a form of oriental medicine, originating in Japan, which has also incorporated aspects of western therapies, as it has become popular in the West. It uses comfortable pressure, energy point work and manipulation to realign the body and allow energy to move freely.

What happens at a session?

The initial session lasts up to 90mins. This gives you time to tell the practitioner about any issues you would like to address.

We spend about 50 minutes doing hands on work. The treatment takes place on a futon on the floor. The client remains fully clothed, so it is a good idea to wear loose comfortable clothing.

Shiatsu is deeply relaxing, so you may need to take a few minutes break before you drive.Shiatsu is holistic bodywork. It supports and encourages our natural healing response, through touch.

When is shiatsu helpful?

People come to shiatsu with a wide variety of needs. Some come with specific health issues, whilst others want to have more energy and feel more relaxed. Common complaints are back pain, joint pain, headaches, menstrual pain, digestive issues , eczema and asthma.

Some people also seek help during serious chronic illness. They may want to experience fewer side effects from their medications or regain a sense of physical and mental ease after surgery.

Shiatsu can be helpful in all these situations. It is also used to help prevent future difficulties

For example, a client with back pain can expect  pain relief from hands on work, but i also help clients develop a deeper awareness of how they are using their body. We move towards feeling how the back pain is arising, and how they can address any contributing factors.

With some conditions such as headaches there may be a dietary component making the headaches worse, or they have become more frequent during a stressful life event. This exploration is also within the scope of a shiatsu treatment.

In the BLOG section of this website some clients tell their own shiatsu story.