Well Mother

Well Mother is a shiatsu and massage college that trains practitioner’s, doulas and midwives in women’s health. We aim to support women and their families with traditional touch therapies, whilst also drawing on current medical knowledge.

Set up by Suzanne Yates in 1990, we are a UK based college, who run international courses, including USA and Canada

We work with all aspects of women’s health from menstruation to conception, pregnancy, birth and menopause. We also treat babies, and teach baby massage.

We have a register of practitioners, who have successfully completed out course and also provide resources for professionals including books and articles.

I am a qualified Well Mother teacher and practitioner.

Birth Preparation Classes

I treat women through all stages of pregnancy, but leading up to the birth of your baby I also offer sessions for you and your birth partner. Everyone wants to feel happy positive and confident moving towards the baby being born, so we focus on how to relax and work with your body during the birth. We also explore how your partner can support you, and pracise supportive touch. The sessions last an hour and cost $60.


For more information about Well Mother, visit the Well Mother website.